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Pre-designed steel structures (PEB) are a steel structures built over an auxiliary idea of primary members, secondary members,rooftop and wall sheeting associated with each other and different other building segments.

These structures can be given diverse auxiliary and non-basic augmentations, for example, sky facing windows, divider lights,turbo vents, edge ventilators, louvers, rooftop screens, entryways and windows, trusses, mezzanine floors, belts, coverings, crane frameworks, protection and so forth., in light of the client’s necessities. All the steel PEB’s are perfect for non-private and wide-traverse low-ascent structures. A portion of the key focal points of PEB incorporate temperate in cost, manufacturing plant controlled quality, strength, life span, adaptability in development, ecologically amicable, speedier establishment, and so on.

Pre-designed steel structures are utilized for assorted applications, for example, production lines, stockrooms, showrooms, grocery stores, airplane shelters, metro stations, workplaces, shopping centers, schools, healing facilities, group structures and some more.

As a PEB maker,HVR gives the complete administration of building, creation and erection in this manner guaranteeing better quality control at each phase of the procedure.

Pre-built steel structures comprises of taking after parts:

  • Primary members/Main Frames
  • Secondary/Cold Formed Members
  • Rooftop and Wall Panels
  • Accessories, Buyouts, Crane System, Mezzanine System, Insulation
  • Sandwich Panels